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Founded on 2012, Terranimal is a consultancy group devoted to the welfare of all  animals in Ecuador.  Our projects are based on the principle of an ethical treatment of all species while taking the country’s social realities into account.  Our work is enriched by local animal protection groups such as protection societies, public institutions related to animal welfare, private institutions promoting corporate social responsibility, and the public.

Our Mission

Terranimal aims to plan and execute projects to protect Ecuadorian animals by developing comprehensive programs that focus on solutions for instances where the mistreatment of animals also affects human health, the environmental crisis, poverty, and social injustice.

Our Vission and Values

We position ourselves as the leading organization in the development and successful execution of projects in favor of the wellbeing of animals in Ecuador. To achieve our goals, we endeavour to do honest work with kindness, respect, positivity, and proactivity. 

Our Objectives

  • To provide education on animal protection to different population groups of Ecuador through effective and innovative programs 
  • To engage in independent political discussions regarding animal protection issues in order to become an active participant in the decision making process. 
  • To plan and execute programs that have an impact on the national economy, so that ethical alternatives of rights and/or of well-being are generated when animals are involved in production processes. 
  • To plan and execute projects that make a direct impact on the well-being of all animals: urban, wild, and livestock.
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Our Tenets


  • Defends all animals and applies animal protection theory to create plans:  animal welfare, animal wellbeing, and the rights of animals. 
  • Condones animal ill-treatment.
  • Does not negotiate regarding animal ill-treatment. 
  • Does not give into corporate or political pressure
  • Works with enterprises or persons whose activities are related with animals, in order for their practices to be considered as the well-being of animals.

Our Services

Workshops, seminars, conferences and talks about animal welfare and animal rights
Training and guidance for institutions and professionals related to animal welfare
Consultancy for companies and public institutions about animal protection issues
Technical and research advice for ONGs, SPCAs and general public
Campaigns to raise awareness about animal welfare and animal rights
Development of specific projects in any field of knowledge

Our Highlights

  1. Development of primary animal care strategy in rural areas of Ecuador using One Health concepts and a close-based veterinary clinic with low-cost services
  2. Public policies advisors for at least 5 of the main Municipalities in Ecuador. Experience developing animal protection long term programs for public institutions.
  3. Guidance, training and organizational development workshops for more than 60 ONGs, SPCAs and civil animal protection groups in 20 cities of Ecuador.
  4. A strong and committed group of high experienced consultants in a wide variety of areas of knowledge: veterinary medicine, biology, law (specialized in animal and environmental topics), public relations, social and environmental studies, sustainable development, sociology, etcetera.


We design with strong scientific background, then we work in the field of all type of projects, especially those developed in small and poor communities where veterinary care and financial struggle denies the animals their benefit of good care and welfare.

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